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You are in charge of your fellows, family and of course of yourself. Help us and vote or be an active sponsoring partner. Be an active part sponsoring the research of new diagnostic tests. These tests with the early and reliable diagnostic of diseases allows a primal start of Therapy evaluation and control.


Neurological Diseases:

Autoimmune Diseases:

Metabolical Diseases:

Specific Women Diseases:

Specific Men Diseases:

Children diseases:

  • kidney diseases

Choose the disease of your personal interest. You will find further information above. Click under “categories”.

Biomarkers must be determined from proteins out of body liquids, in particular urine. If the first measurements shows that the usual quality of information or the exactness can not be produced, it will be necessary to stop this procedure. But only in agreement of all involved persons. In this case mosaiques will start working on the research of the next ranked disease out of the voting. A sponsoring support of about 2 to 5 Mio. € will be necessary, in fact of the high costs of development.

Vote4Health Voting:

breast cancer
cervix uteri cancer
colorectal cancer
pancreas cancer
lung cancer
Rheumatoide Arthritis
brain tumor
testical cancer
brain tumor
Chronic kidney disease (Therapy monitoring)
breast cancer
cervix uteri cancer
testical cancer
kidney diseases



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You want to promote the specific development of early diagnosis tests? Here you find further information.

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