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You vote  -  we do the research !!!!!

Every vote is important. You will mark the medical history of early diagnostics and individual therapy of diseases. Mosaiques gives her unique platform technology into the hands of concerned people.

For the first time responsible people will decide by themselves which disease will be explored. This is totally unique. All the destinies and human sorrows of concerned people, their families and friends gave us the idea of this new project.

For example the mother of one infant, who had that stenosis of the lower urinary passage and needed a surgery. She wanted to eliminate the risk for more planned children. Mosaiques did the research.
A lot of babies do not need a surgery, because of the proteomic method. This method has a high senstifity and will identify if a stenosis of the lower urinary passage will degenerate on its own or not. Because of this they know that a surgery is necessary. The mother has born to more children, both without the stenosis. Now she is highly interested in sponsoring early diagnostics of diseases.

The sister of another man came down with breast cancer, he iis shocked by all her sorrow. Since that he realized, that a lot of women suffer from this disease. He is interested in the research of breast cancer by the proteomic method.

A young lady, who experienced the Alzheimer’s disease of her grandma right from the start with occasional forgetfulness up to the complete loss of her identity, is really scared that the same will happen to her. She will do her bit and develop the early detection of diseases and especially the Alzheimer’s disease.

There are a lot of destinies in relation to every affection of the body – we give you the chance to vote which disease will be explored.

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